Move Over Soundic Radio!

There’s a new radio station in town. Click here for Europa Plus, a very fab Russian station. They’ve only played one Western song in half an hour but unluckily it was the BEPS. You may think UK (Or Australian or wherever you’re from) stations play too much of the Peas, but a listen to Swedish radio will make you feel very sorry for those poor Swedes. I have no idea what any of this music is, but it all sounds very poptastic. They were the first commercial station in Russia, broadcasting since 1990 and covers over 700 cities in 10 different countries including one (Kyrgyzia) that I’ve never heard of. The website is also amusing for it’s spellings of pop acts, for example Vanessa May, Joe Coker and Bonnie Tylor. Unless of course they are the Russian versions! Their chart is also quite ace, with In The Shadows, Toxic, The Magic Key, Not In Love and a September song that I’ve never heard of but must hear immediately cos she rules! There are also not one but two Bosson songs in the top 40, of which I certainly approve. They did just sort of ruin it by playing Dido though – grr! But then they followed it by a very ace dance-pop song from a couple of years ago that I can’t remember the name (“ooh lala comme ci comme ci comme ca, one day I feel it’s love but then it’s not not enough”). And now a Gareth song I’ve never heard before. It’s rubbish. Where’s Will?!

Listen to Europa Plus in real-time here and “EuroHit Top 40”, Europa Plus’ official chart, can be found here.

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