Is Russia the gayest country in the world?

Whilst I am slightly worried that I will get hatemail for that title, I must state my case:

Listening to Europa Plus this evening, I have heard:

Alizée – Moi Lolita

Bosson – A Little More Time

Kylie – Love At First Sight

Madonna – Love Profusion

Darren Hayes – Insatiable

September – La La La (twice!)

T-Spoon – Tom’s Party

Many more Euro lovelies you probably won’t have heard of and numerous Russian acts that I don’t even know. Not that I actually know any non-tATu Russian acts in the first place.

This isn’t a bad thing though, as a station that plays Darren hayes can never be bad, even if they continue to force feed me BEPs. I have also noticed that 90% of Russian words feature a “nia” (or “nja”) sound. Except for the one that’s on now which just said “Fame Academy” or something that sounded like it. Even the Europa Plus jingles are ace. I want to learn Russian!

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