Reviews Week On Dirrrty Pop!

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, this week is Reviews Week which means every day I review something. Doesn’t sound very exciting when I put it like that but never mind.

First up is Will Young’s CD single for Your Game. There are 2 CDs available – CD1 which costs £3.99 and includes Your Game, Take Control, Down and the YG video, and CD2 which is cheaper at £1.99 and contains Your Game and Your Game Acoustic Gospel Version.

Take Control

This is Will’s song about domestic violence, which he wrote after recieving a letter from a lady who had experienced it. Some people have shown concern that the song might be considered patronising, but I think it is a lovely slow song whatever the subject and Will’s heart is in the right place.


This song shows of Will’s vocal well and could possibly a route he’ll take musically in the future but it is also one of the least poppy songs he’s done so far. It is mid-tempo, sort of jazzy…I’m rubbish at describing songs, but this is good but not brilliant. Still I’ve only heard it once and had no idea what to expect at the time so I’ll be giving it a bit more thought later tonight.

Your Game Acoustic Gospel Version

This is a little slower than the original Your Game, but actually sounds just as good and it is refreshing to hear the song sounding a bit different as I’ve heard it so many times now. There is a great section near the end where he goes “My time, your time” and I’m half expecting him to turn into Alesha from Mis-teeq! Well he is the all new blingin’ Will Young after all (See last Sunday’s Popworld for further evidence).

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