What I learned from Girls Aloud: Off the Record

I recently realised that I hadn’t actually seen all the episodes of Girls Aloud’s 2006 E4 documentary series, so I decided to watch the whole thing again. I saw quite a few familiar faces from the music industry and there were some interesting connections to the band members’ futures…

  • Although the girls were moany at times, their genuine excitement for their arena tour showed they really did love being a pop band for the right reasons. Their honesty and clear understanding of their place in pop was also really refreshing and a nice contrast to some of today’s groups.
  • Nadine, however, was already past caring about Girls Aloud, and this was a few years before their hiatus. All the girls said they enjoyed making the documentary, apart from Nadine who openly admitted she hated it and had never wanted to do it!
  • Ashley Cole is a terrible human and I am not one bit the wiser as to why Cheryl married him. However, if the rumour that it was a sham marriage to cover up for Ashley’s secret gayness is true, it doesn’t seem like Cheryl was in on the plan.
  • Nicola definitely wasn’t a fashionista in those days. When discussing what they should wear on tour, she suggested baggy trousers and trainers!
  • Sarah’s recent problems were certainly evident in the documentary, as she seemed quite desperate to be in a relationship and was just as much of a party animal as the papers portrayed.
  • Kimberley was the only one who seemed totally together, setting up home with her nice Triple 8 boyfriend. Her mum wanted her to go into musicals after the band, so she got her wish in the end.
  • Cheryl was so much more fun before she started trying to be the perfect princess all the time. The Cheryl in this documentary would have been an amazing X Factor judge.
You can watch the whole series on YouTube here.


  1. Have you also watched 'The Saturdays 24/7'? The Sats seem (to me) to be more pleasant and fun around each other and other people. However maybe Girls Aloud are just more sincere and open in front of the camera. There is a definite difference in the way OTR (and Home Truths) was filmed and edited and the way it was for 24/7. I get the impression that OTR and Home Truths are much more candid and honest than 24/7.

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