Sunday night quiz: Guess the flop star!

For this week’s quiz, can you remember the names of these unsuccessful pop acts? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Click here for the answers and next week’s quiz.

And here are the answers from last week: Eoghan Quigg, Karen DiConcetto (Daphne from Daphne & Celeste), Kavana, Emma Beard (Clea), Ashley Parker Angel (O-Town), Paul (A1), Andy Abraham, Zainam Higgins (Cleopatra). Well done to Michael who got the most right!


  1. I only know one! the very top one and thats because they are Canadian lol, they are brothers and go by the name The Moffatts (interesting fact, dave moffat tried out for Canadian Idol and only made to the top 32)

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