A-Z Of Europop


Who? The result of Holland’s Starmaker programme and one of my favourite pop bands ever. Sadly they split up last year.

Nationality: Dutch

Best song: I Really Don’t Think So


Who? Kids TV presenter turned excitable pop-rock chick, Kim-Lian’s album Balance has my stamp of approval.

Nationality: Dutch

Best song: Garden Of Love

Kjartan Salvesen

Who? Winner of Norway’s second Idol season who sounds like The Rasmus and is really rather good.

Nationality: Norwegian

Best song: Standing Tall


Who? Pop rock group fronted by the ace Linda who sounds like an angrier version of Robyn. Their recent album boasts several songs written by the one and only Max Martin.

Nationality: Swedish

Best song: Bimbo

Lene (Nystrom)

Who? Aqua’s lead singer who went solo last year with the amazing single It’s Your Duty and also contributed to GA’s Sound Of The Underground.

Nationality: Norwegian

Best song: It’s Your Duty (To Shake That Booty)

Maria Mena

Who? Talented young singer-songwriter making waves in the USA. Her sweet single You’re The Only One is set for release here in September.

Nationality: Norwegian

Best song: Lose Control

Mylene Farmer

Who? Iconic French star who appears to have released nothing in the UK but did discover Alizée and her songs Libertine and Desenchantée were covered by French dance/pop singer Kate Ryan recently.

Nationality: French

Best song: Desenchantée

Natascha Thomas

Who? New pop princess who has worked with some of the same producers as Ace of Base and stars in the current Lacoste advert singing her hit It’s Over Now.

Nationality: Danish

Best song: Why (Does Your Love Hurt So Much?)


Who? The lady behind the 80s hit 99 Red Balloons or 99 Luftballons as it was called in Germany, and the brilliant duet with Kim Wilde in 2003, Any Place, Anywhere, Anytime.

Nationality: German

Best song: Any Place, Anywhere, Anytime


Who? Melodic hip-hop group who were all over the radio in Europe last summer with their catchy hit Aicha and the follow-up Walou.

Nationality: Danish

Best song: Aicha


Who? The cheery boy band behind this year’s biggest summer hit across Europe, Dragostea Din Tei. It’s even caught on in the UK for once and has been in the top ten for months.

Nationality: Moldovan

Best song: Dragostea Din Tei

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