Video Killed The Radio Star

Deeyah – Plan Of My Own

Deeyah (No, not Deetah!) has been threatening to invade the UK charts for a while now and I’ve often seen posters for her playing small urban gigs in Reading (especially random since she’s Norwegian), but her single has finally landed on The Box this week. It’s basically a typical girly pop r’n’b song with an Indian touch. It’s good enough to be a hit with the right promotion, but I don’t think it will stand out enough. Then again after last year’s casualties with her Scandinavian peers Annie and Alcazar, perhaps blending in is the key to success.

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Mark Joseph – Lady Lady

This surprisingly lovely ballad was supposed to be released in 2004, but with a brand new video he’s trying again in the less competitive time of January. The original video was simply Mark playing the song on guitar (and singing of course) but this one’s all ‘psychedelic’ which doesn’t suit the song at all, but you can’t go wrong with bright colours that make you slightly dizzy. I’ve always thought Mark Joseph is like a combination of every boy to ever do well on Fame Academy, and with his tales of funding his own debut single and being a “real musician”, he could easily have ended up in the Academy and probably would have done rather well. Sadly I think he’ll suffer the same fate as Alistair, Ainslee and David, except without the initial top 5 hits.

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D-Rail – How Do I Say Goodbye

Not the most upmarket boyband I’ve come across, but they’ve already beaten Boysterous and Most Wanted by getting their song on a music channel, even if it is only B4. It’s the official Cancer Research single of 2005 (is there one of these every year? I’ve never heard of it) and you can watch and listen to it here. The song is, unsurprisingly a soppy boyband ballad, a bit over-emotional, but we’ll let them off seeing as they’re not too ugly.

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