Big In 2005?

Here are my predictions for who will be the big breakthrough bands and singers in 2005:

Thirteen Senses:

I first heard this band on Radio 1 one evening early last year whilst trying to avoid something terrible on Core Control. I liked the singer but the song didn’t seem strong enough and I thought the same about their single Into The Sun when it found it’s way onto the Box near the end of the year, but I soon found myself singing the song in my head and rather liking it. The songs are big growers so if Thru The Glass continues to get lots of play I’d say they’re a big contender for top ‘indie’ band of 2005.

Breakthroughthru single: Thru The Glass (Jan 10)

This year’s: Keane


The next big r’n’b one-hit-wonder is on her way. Even my Dad asked me what ‘krunk’ meant the other day (My definition was “it’s got L’il Jon in it and is awful”) so clearly everyone is geared up to go on about that for a while and I’m getting my earplugs out.

Breakthrough single: Goodies (Jan 17)

This year’s: Nina Sky


Drop The Pressure was a dance hit last year and Destroy Rock’N’Roll (the one that namechecks every 80s pop star you can think of) has been getting some play from Radio 1 and is obviously going to be the Sunscreen Song for the 00s, but hopefully Mylo won’t be a one-hit-wonder. However, it will be a pain if they are successful as my Dad’s had the album for quite a while and will think he’s the coolest person on Earth for spotting them early.

Breakthrough single: In My Arms (Jan 24) or, more likely, Destroy Rock’N’Roll (Eventually)

The new: Daft Punk

Lindsay Lohan:

The girl who played twins in the Parent Trap, entertained lots of children in Freak Friday then their older sisters and brothers in Mean Girls is releasing her debut single and album in 2005. After the tacky and rubbish song she recorded for Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, I wasn’t looking forward to this but then the ever ace and lovely Scandipop sent me links for a few album tracks and they turned out to be really rather good! This is enough r’n’b and rock to make it appeal to the current market plus enough proper pop for it to be good. Rumours may be a Britney leftover, but so was Sweet Dreams My LA Ex! Her ongoing war with Miss Sweet & Innocent & Bloody Annoying Hilary Duff over Aaron Carter should be interesting interview-fodder as well.

Breakthrough single: Rumours (Feb 14)

The new: Britney Spears

Kaiser Chiefs:

I’d heard murmurs of their aceness but presumed they’d just be another typical indie band, and to be fair they are, but their is something about their songs which grabs all the fun bits of indie music and leaves behind all the boring bits to make, out of the two songs by them I have heard, some brilliant pop music! The surprisingly catchy I Predict A Riot was a small hit last year and Oh My God, the next single (a re-release, I believe) has an equally ace chorus. This is accessible indie without being middle of the road, so I think it’s going to do very well.

Breakthrough single: Oh My God (Feb 21)

This year’s: Franz Ferdinand

And the ones who we sane popists will love despite their terrifying chart failure:

Le Tigre:

They’ve been around for a while but after their recent support slot with the Scissor Sisters are finally getting some recognition. 90s kids might know lead singer Kathleen Hanna as the angry feminist frontwoman of Bikini Kill who inspired Smells Like Teen Spirit and was punched in the face by Courtney Love, plus NME described the new single as a combination of Shampoo, Joan Jett and Buggles, so really they can’t go wrong!

Breakthrough single: T.K.O (Jan 3)

Should be this year’s: Scissor Sisters


I’ve mentioned them here several times recently but Penny & Me is finally getting played on the music channels and it’s rather exciting! You’ll recognise the lovely Samaire Armstrong (The OC’s Anna) in the video and you’ll be singing along with this hugely catchy tune in no time! Despite this being released independantly, the look and sound are much more polished than some of their previous releases and hopefully they have modernised enough to lose their jokey image of the past, plus the recent breath freshener adverts with Mmmbop as their soundtrack will have got the song and band back in people’s minds and hopefully remembering just how ace they were!

Break(back)through single: Penny & Me (Jan 24)

Should be this year’s: Maroon 5

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