Video Killed The Radio Star

It’s a bonza video bonanza this weekend!

Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God

This song sounds like so many I hate, it’s quite a miracle that I like it at all, let alone love it like I do. Even better news is that the lead singer turns out to be not quite as old and ugly as the I Predict A Riot video led us to believe. That video was a basic live performance thing with a bit of staged rioting thrown in for effect, but this one is much better. To match the “never been this far away from home” lyric, the band are transported to various places in the world. I just hope the rest of their songs are as good as the 2 singles, cos if so they are going to be easily the biggest indie band of 2004.

97% Poptastic!

Mario – Let Me Love You

Before you worry, this is not Mario Winans, but the teenage Usher-wannabe Mario who released a couple of singles (Just A Friend and C’mon) and was interviewed on Popworld a few years ago. You should all know by now how much I hate the evil Usher and his horrible music, but I have to say I have a slight soft-spot for Mario because there’s something really nice about his voice and songs. He is much more soulful and less desperate to be cool, although he manages that just fine anyway. The sound of this song reminds me of K-Ci and Jojo (not the 14-yr-old). The video is nothing special but inoffensive, much like Mario himself.

61% Poptastic!

Other videos of note:

Futureheads – Hounds Of Love

I’m ashamed to say I’ve never heard the Kate Bush version but this one grows on me with each listen, so I think I need to download the original now!

Deeyah – Plan Of My Own

I know I’ve posted about this before but I’ve since changed my mind and decided to love. Annoyingly this coincides with my realisation that she is going absolutely nowhere.

Idlewild – Love Steals Us From Loneliness

I’ve never got the fuss about Idlewild, but this song is really nice. If only the gap in his front teeth wasn’t quite so off-putting, I might even like the video too.

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