Video Killed The Radio Star

Daniel Bedingfield – Wrap My Words Around You

I should probably take note of the lyrics to this song because he sings “It’s not fair to write a song for a woman, no, because a woman takes a song into her heart” and Daniel has written a song for me. It is a bonus demo track on the album and informs me that my love is like a newly buttered roll, which is nice. It also happens to be the best track by far on what is a really good, underappreciated album, so I can’t complain, even if there are plenty of pop boys I’d rather have writing songs about me than Daniel Bedingfield. Anyway, back to this song, and I have to say that although at first I thought it was a mistake to release this next I have now changed my mind completely. I found it difficult to pick the stand-out tracks on the CD as it’s more of a good all rounder but this one has something so lovely about it, I think it deserves to be a hit and will be on the radio at least, where it works very well.

89% Poptastic!

Annie – Heartbeat

I really do adore Annie and her music. She is the definition of cute and the music is her perfect match. I actually heard this track even before Chewing Gum so it’s far from new to me, but I do love it very much and it’s nice to see it in the context of the video, which is a really great one I must add. My favourite bits include Annie eating a cheesecake, the party balloons and her slightly awkward yet fab dancing. I’d love the world to wake up to her chamrs but on the other hand, if she could carry on releasing songs without being overhyped or overplayed except by her devoted fans, then that would be even better. Sometimes it’s nice for us proper pop fans to have someone like Annie to keep to ourselves. Very selfish, but it works for me!

95% Poptastic!

KT Tunstall – Black Horse & The Cherry Tree

I’ve heard this girl’s name but was unsure of who she was, and now I do know I wish I’d investigated sooner cos she’s very ace. Her song is feisty, slightly country-esque singer-songwriter indie-pop with an English accent, which may sound confusing but you will understand when you hear it. It’s very original and unusual which always helps. She’s a bit like a cooler, dark-haired (she’s actually a mix of Chinese and Scottish) version of Natasha Bedingfield. The video is simple, cool and stylish, although I’m thinking she should have stuck with Kate for her name instead of KT which makes her sound like some pointless rapper. I can see her taking off with the Radio 2 market but she’s much more fun than that so do give her a chance.

84% Poptastic!

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