Boybands, and another one, and another one, and another one

If all their other predictions about the Year 3000 fail, Busted have made sure that at least one will be true. They may have left the pop scene but we’re still in no shortage of boybands. This Monday happens to be a rather excellent day for boybands releasing singles, so lets take a look at the contenders for boyband of the week:

Hanson – Penny & Me

Hanson did of course release two of the top boyband singles of the 90s (Mmmbop and especially I Will Come To You) and with this they look set to continue their greatness in the 21st century. I’ve praised them so many times over the past few weeks that I’ve run out of original things to say, but to paraphrase my Into The Groove post, they are hugely talented and severely underrated. They are single-handedly writing the frightening wrongs of that other 3-piece band of lookalike brothers with instruments, which is an accomplishment not to be undervalued!

Phixx – Strange Love

I was amazed (in a good way I must add – it is the music industry that are rubbish, not Phixx) that Phixx got a single out at all let alone that they would still be around nearly a year and a half later and on the 4th single. Ok so they may not be quite the success story of 2003, 04 or 05, but they have managed to consistently reach the top 13 with each release so far, so lets hope for the sake of their future in pop and their album getting released in the UK, that they can do the same with Strange Love. Chris’ face on the cover is also absolute comedy genius, so it’s worth buying just for that!

And a half mention goes to:

Freefaller – Do This, Do That

The fact that Ollie was involved in Stand Tough, You and Do We Rock cannot be ignored, and this song is rather catchy, especially the bit where he may or may not sing “crack the muscle whip, party down”. They may be indistinguishable from McFly apart from the lead singer being substantially hotter, but I’ll have them over the heinous Noise Next Door anyday.

Other boyband singles out this week are D-Rail – How Do I Say Goodbye, which no-one cares about but perhaps should as it’s for charity and not that bad, and Biff Clyro who are not what would normally be defined as a boyband but should be celebrated for their part in causing the aforementioned (by everyone 20 million times a day) Busted split – hooray! On top of this, Rooster have an album out which on the basis of Come Get Some will be brilliant but on the basis of Staring At The Sun and their “real music” delusions, could be crap.

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