Future Stars: Venior (Sony Music Finland)

Last week I attended Where’s The Music festival in Sweden and I’ve selected the three artists I loved the most to share with you. Where’s The Music is a great place to discover new Scandinavian talent, and the daytime conference provides many interesting insights into the highly innovative and creative Swedish music industry. Click here to find out more.

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You may remember Venior as I featured her single Sugar Rush as a Song of the Week back in January. I was excited to see her perform live and find out what else she had up her sleeve, and I was not disappointed – in fact, she exceeded expectations. In a tiny bar in the centre of Norrköping, the young red-haired singer performed a set filled with vibrant, sparky pop songs with fun lyrics and plenty of personality. My favourite was the upbeat and catchy track Robber, but I equally loved the unexpected ballad, which showed off Venior’s vocal talent and I’m assuming is called Wildflower. She showed her straight-talking feisty side on a mid-tempo track about bad conversations, and her brazen self-confidence on another song where she pronounced herself “the shit.” Her music will be categorised as electro-pop but shows influences of rock and hip-hop to create a distinctive, current sound. 21-year-old Venior is Finnish, but now based in Stockholm. She previously released a single under her real name, Emelie Sederholm, but has changed musical direction along with her artist name since her teenage years. According to festival gossip, she is working out a deal to release music in the UK, and recently got a British booking agent, so look out for her imminent arrival on our shores.


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