Future Stars: Miriam Bryant (Stereoscope/Warner Music Sweden)

Last week I attended Where’s The Music festival in Sweden and I’ve selected the three artists I loved the most to share with you. Where’s The Music is a great place to discover new Scandinavian talent, and the daytime conference provides many interesting insights into the highly innovative and creative Swedish music industry. Click here to find out more.

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The final act I saw at Where’s The Music was a brilliant surprise. I’d known of Miriam Bryant since her manager first sent me her debut single Finders, Keepers in 2012, but I hadn’t been keeping up with her recent releases. It turns out I was missing a great artist, and while Venior may have the most potential of the new acts I saw, Miriam is a fully-realised pop star and put on the best show overall. She had a few small hits in Sweden from her debut album Raised in Rain, and grew her international fanbase when she featured on two tracks by Zedd, Push Play and Find You (a US dance chart no.1). But it was Miriam’s appearances on the Swedish TV show Så Mycket Bättre, where a group of famous singers cover each other’s hits, that made her a household name in 2015. The six songs she performed were released as singles and all made the Swedish charts, with Allt Jag Behöver and One Last Time reaching no.1 on iTunes. Her show at Where’s The Music felt triumphant, and on one of the biggest stages at the festival, she had the confidence of an established artist. Her casual, tomboyish style makes her an unusual pop star, but her powerful vocals reminded me of Lady Gaga. I don’t think she’s had the international hit-worthy single she needs just yet, but Miriam certainly deserves more recognition from the pop fan community.


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