This Must Be Pop brings you Future Pop! (Issue #17)

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Future Stars

Phlo is an L.A.-based model and it girl who is working with former Epic Records president Charlie Walk and Odd Future manager David Airaudi on her debut album, and is signed to the Odd Future label 3/4. She's a precocious 20-year-old hipster who hangs around with people like Peaches Geldof and Sky Ferreira, so I'm automatically loathe to like her, but the success of Lana Del Rey shows that this kind of artist can cross over to the mainstream. I'm already bored of her talking about the Youthquaker movement after two interviews, though.
Indie-pop is on such great form right now! Here's another act who are both achieving and deserving success in the indie world. Electric Guest are a duo from L.A. who make electro-soul music which could be described as groovy in a non-joking way. Latest single This Head I Hold is definitely their best so far, but it's not a one-off as American Daydream is also pretty good, although a bit too laid back for my tastes. The fact that Danger Mouse worked on their album should also help to make sure it gets heard. However, as this picture shows, they're far too boring to be stars so that my affect their chances of longevity.
This group have been around for a few years and finally seem to be approaching the tipping point of success. I saw them this weekend at their HMV Next Big Thing gig, and was really impressed with their performance. Their music works really well live, especially their more anthemic tracks Overtime and Mayhem, but since I've heard all the songs before multiple times and was never particularly impressed, it seems what's good about them doesn't really translate into the studio versions. If they can solve that problem they could be very successful. Either way they should be a festival staple this year.

Future Hits

This week's playlist features the songs which could cement these artists' success if they were re-released:

  • Gotye – Learnalilgivinanlovin
  • Clock Opera – Belongings
  • Friends – I'm His Girl
  • Clement Marfo – Overtime
  • Loick Essien – Love Drunk
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