The Gossip

Here’s some of the pop goss I’ve picked up this week…

  • Random pop hobby alert: Apparently Pixie Lott is a regular at a pub quiz in London, and most surprising of all, her team usually win! Unexpectedly brainy or just a speedy iPhone user?
  • I went to see Rita Ora at Yoyo in Notting Hill last week. She put on a good show and I think she’s gonna be big, although her music isn’t overall as poptastic as Party and Bullshit would lead us to believe.
  • Also performing at Yoyo were Chiddy Bang. They were incredibly dull and the audience seemed hardly interested despite the fact people were queueing around the block to get in. However, they did sample Icona Pop’s Manners in one of their songs!
  • Pop stars at gigs: Daley watching Clement Marfo and the Frontline (his hair is always like that), Spark and Kenzie May watching Rita Ora and Chiddy Bang. 
  • This week Future Pop star EJ is playing her very first gig! See her at Club Fandango on Wednesday and get a preview of her amazing second single.


  1. They surely must have been hoping for at least a few people to be interested in the Moshi Moshi stuff though. The point of building buzz is that people are supposed to be somewhat aware of them before they launch the 'big single' but that hasn't been achieved.

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