Tennis: Better than football

Last night I went to see one of my favourite new (or new to me, at least) bands live, an American indie-pop group called Tennis.

Good things about Tennis:

  • They have some brilliant songs, particularly Origins, Is It True and Deep In The Woods. Listen to them on Spotify here.
  • Their brilliant songs sound brilliant live, and the other ones sound quite good too.
  • Lead singer Alaina has an incredible voice.
  • They have very nice clothes.

Bad things about Tennis:

  • They have absolutely no stage presence. They hide behind their instruments, don’t look at the audience and barely interact with the crowd.

In conclusion:

  • Their new album is very good and you should go and buy it now!
  • Don’t bother going to see them live unless you are blind/a midget and wouldn’t be able to see anything anyway.
  • Tennis are better than football, but maybe not as good as gymnastics.

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