The worst TOTP line-up of all time?

Kelly Clarkson (great song, horrid singer)
and the Crazy Frog!

It is undeniably atrocious, although it would have been quite a good opportunity to bomb the building and get rid of them all at once (I wonder if I could get arrestedt for saying that? Oh well, too late now!) The only good person on the line-up was Amerie, and even that was likely to be a repeat of a performance from a few weeks ago when she was in the UK.

In more cheerful news, I was going to predict that Gavin Degraw’s album would make the top 40 this week but according to HMV’s in-store chart, he’s already no.36! A visit to the Launch web site’s top 75 album chart is not quite so pleasing, though, as Gavin is not even in their chart. the single is released on Monday so it’s not looking too good for that no.1 he deserves but perhaps he’ll get a slow burner James Blunt style. And re: James Blunt…who knew?! Well, me actually. I haven’t actually listened to the album in ages but I heard Billy playing in HMV while I was in Waterstones next door and found myself inching towards the door. He is a bit annoying after a while but Billy, High and Wisemen are all very good and someone’s got to stick up for him!

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