Gavin Degraw…

has a BROTHER! And he can SING! LOOK! It’s not spectacularly good (but I do like It’s A Game and the others are growing on me) and he is even less pretty than Gavin but I still find this rather exciting. Now I have a good idea – why doesn’t Gavin come and live over here and be on our TV and radio all the time and Joey can stay in America and they’ll still have a Degraw. I’m sure they won’t mind which one.

In other Gavin news, he’s starting to get a bit famous in the UK! I Don’t Wanna Be was the single of the week on Radio 1 last week (well only on the Scott Mills show but lots of people listen to that, sadly) and I’ve heard it on some other radio shows too. The feedback when it was played on Radio 1 seemed to be extremely positive so it’s all looking good for him to move up the playlist soon (he’s currently in the C list – you can see the full Radio 1 playlist here, it’s quite interesting). I knew he would be this year’s Maroon 5 and now it’s really happening/ it’s just a shame that his second single isn’t better. I do love Chariot but it’s now This Love. However, if he releases Just Friends after that, he will have a megahit and his album will go to no.1 for definite, just you wait and see! You know I’m going to gloat til my head explodes if it happens 😀

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