The Next Big Thing?

Patrick Stump
I hadn’t a clue who Patrick Stump was when I heard it, but I really love his new song Spotlight. Since he didn’t look particularly cool or sprightly in the photo that accompanied the song on YouTube, I expected his music to be middle of the road mumsy stuff, but actually Spotlight has some serious pop punch. It’s really good fun with loads of different interesting bits to the song, including some top quality “eh-oh”s. Even better, it comes in two versions – a jolly version and my favourite, the dancy version. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention – Patrick is actually quite famous. He was the lead singer in Fall Out Boy! Yep, the guy that got ignored in favour of Pete Wentz for his entire career so far. However, he’s lucky enough to have the voice which made Fall Out Boy’s songs so distinctive. With this and Pete’s exciting spin-off project Black Cards, it seems that breaking up was the best thing Fall Out Boy ever did.
Hit potential: 55% Poptasticness: 85%

The Pusher
I heard about The Pusher a few weeks ago thanks to the brilliant Swedish Stereo blog and I’ve been listening to them loads ever since. Their single Blinded by the Dark is one of those songs that sounds good for the first two thirds, then suddenly in the final moments it becomes absolutely amazing! It’s really anthemic stadium pop, and as these guys have previously written for other acts I’d love for them to write something for The Wanted. It’s blokey pop but they prove that you don’t have to put being cool above writing good songs, and frontman Jakob‘s experience of working with Amy Diamond and Industry shows he’s certainly not worried about being cool! The tracks The Pusher have put online so far aren’t completely consistent in quality, but I highly recommend the lovely pop-rock ballad (with drive) Need Time. It seems like there’s a long way to go until we’ll get an album from them as they’re still writing songs and yet to release their first single, but I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this band.
Hit potential: 37% Poptasticness: 79%


  1. Ooooh! Thanx so much for tips about Swedish Stereo Jessica, so sweet of you!
    In the latest interview The Pusher says that they are intended to release album with 15 hit-songs so it will 15 singles album and Blinded by the dark will probably be released in January. I trust them!

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