Before & After: The Top 10 Pop Makeovers!

After yesterday’s discovery of the brilliant new songs by ex-Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump, I looked him up on Google Images and found that he has undergone quite a transformation over the past few years. This got me thinking about all the great pop makeovers – the times when a teen star blossoms into an adult, when a struggling singer tries a new tactic to find success, and when the right hair, make-up and styling team can turn Miss or Mr Average into a glamtastic superstar. Here’s my top 10…

1. Lady GaGa

2. Patrick Stump

3. Katy Perry

4. Verbalicious/Natalia Kills

5. Gary Barlow

6. Justin Timberlake

7. Dannii Minogue

8. Zac Hanson

9. Cheryl Tweedy/Cole

10. Alexandra Burke

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