The Next Big Thing?

La Dolla
Back in 2009 I blogged about a new girlgroup called Silhouettes who had some serious pop potential, but sadly they faded into obscurity soon after. One of the members, Yulanda Lindsay, appeared on MySpace a while later under the name of DollFace and her music was featured by Popjustice among others, with Ms Jamaica being the clear stand-out track. However, she once again faded into obscurity… until now!! It turns out Yulanda was signed by EMI, has changed her stage name to La Dolla and is set to reveal her new music at any moment. Hooray! For now all we have is a sparse blog and a picture where she looks like Rochelle from The Saturdays meets Scary Spice, but there’s definitely not enough scariness in our pop divas today so I’m feeling quite hopeful about this one.
Poptasticness and hit potential TBC

Bebe Black
With a voice that sounds like Shingai Shoniwa (if you’re being optimistic) or Duffy (if you’re being cynical), Columbia’s recent signing Bebe Black is the next Radio 2 postergirl. The few photos I’ve found suggest Bebe is a little older than your average pop starlet but that won’t matter to her target audience. And she’s still probably younger than Paloma Faith, to be fair. She’s clearly a talented singer and the tracks on her MySpace are well-written and reasonably poptastic. However, I can see her just as easily being the new Candie Payne as the new Adele. I’d be more likely to bring up One More Chance on Spotify than I would Chasing Pavements, but I think we can all agree I’m in a very small minority there. Just me and Mark Ronson, basically.
Poptasticness: 59% Hit potential: 64%

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