This Must Be Pop brings you Future Pop! (Issue #01)‏

Today I sent out my first ever Future Pop mailer! Woohoo! In case you missed me going on about it over the past few days, this is a brand new email newsletter I’ve set up which will go out every Monday from now on. As a subscriber you will receive an email from me featuring the hottest new pop songs and artists you need to know about. And if you’re not yet convinced, you can check out the first one right here in blog form. So read on, listen up and click here if you wanna sign up for more!

Future Stars

WooWoos (Island)

With a band name like WooWoos and a song called Fizzy Lettuce, I was expecting this new girlgroup to be a 2011 version of The Faders but that turned out to be far from accurate. Fizzy Lettuce is a bit too serious for my tastes but gets pleasantly Siobhan Donaghy-esque as it goes on. Speaking of Siobhan, there’s a clear attempt to recreate first album Sugababes with WooWoos, and many of the same people are involved. Fizzy Lettuce suggests they’ll come a lot closer than any of the other recent girlbands who’ve tried. However, it has been proven many a time that pop hits are not achieved by following formulas so WooWoos will need to find their own path if they want to match the Sugababes’ success. And their label needs to remember not to drop them too quickly if they don’t sell millions on the first album!

Sinead Harnett (Unsigned)

Any label searching for the next Jessie J should take a look at Sinead Harnett. She has a fantastic voice, similar to Jessie’s, and model looks – all she needs is some good songs and a USP. As acts like Yasmin have shown, being talented isn’t enough even if you’re pretty too. However, if Yasmin had released a track like Emeli Sandé’s Heaven, I think a star would have been born. That combination of talent, looks and a great song is what Sinead will need to stand out from the rest. She’s already recorded a video for SBTV and appeared on a Wiley album track, so her name is becoming known in the urban world, but I think she has potential to be a major crossover artist if the right place can be found for her on the pop landscape.

Jake Bugg (Mercury)

While his music is not something I’d put on my ipod, I had an instant feeling when I came across one of Jake Bugg’s performances on YouTube a few months ago that he was a star in the making. And it seems I wasn’t the only one to think so, as I later found out he’d been signed to Mercury Records around the same time. He’ll probably be usurped into the “new boring” trend simply by being a young guy whose music should be on Radio 2 yet somehow finds itself on Radio 1, but he’s got a bit of swagger despite his youthful shyness which keeps him interesting. His music could do with a few more hooks, but he’s got the raw talent and unique musical persona (a teenage lad from Nottingham who performs like a Rolling Stone) so all he needs now is a couple of songs good enough to get on the Radio 1 playlist and he’ll have a no.1 album within a year.

Future Hits

Here are my top tips for future hits, compiled in a handy YouTube playlist!

Click here to watch


  • Taio Cruz – Troublemaker
  • T-Pain feat Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen – 5 O’Clock
  • Pixie Lott – What Do You Take Me For
  • Lucenzo featuring Don Omar – Danza Kuduro
  • Sneakbo – The Wave

Please note, these are my hit predictions, NOT the songs I want to be hits! But that was probably obvious from the extreme terribleness of most of them 🙁

See you next Monday – hopefully with some better songs to predict for success! In the meantime don’t forget to email and tweet me with your thoughts on the songs and artists above, and any suggestions for next week.


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