The International Video Challenge

Representing the Netherlands: Ashley Jade – Let Me Be Your FantasyYou may think one of Atomic Kitten or perhaps Blue’s cover versions would be the worst of all time. Well, think again! This young lady (not that she appears particularly ladylike in the video) has managed to ruin one of my favourite mindless dance tunes from the 90s, Baby D’s Let Me Be Your Fantasy. She is possibly the worst singer I’ve ever heard and the video is the trashiest I’ve ever seen (and I have Sky Digital!) including not just plenty of slutty underwear but a cow print stetson!
No globes!

Representing the USA: Gavin Degraw – I Don’t Want To Be
This has of course been around for ages (I first heard it in Autumn 2003!) and finally the best male solo act of the moment is releasing a single in the UK, and really there was no other choice. I think the first time I watched this was a different (cheaper looking but quite similar) video, but I’ve seen the one I saw today on The Box several times already as well. It features Marissa from the OC and Nathan and Brooke from One Tree Hill – well, lookalikes. The Marissa likeness is particularly astonishing. I can’t say how great this song is – it’s beyond greatness, as is Gavin and everything else he does. A top song and top bloke!

Representing Denmark: Swan Lee – Love Will Keep You Warm
Denmark isn’t one of the strongest Euro countries for producing great pop music, but they do come up with some gems and this is definitely one of them. The only singer I can think of who sounds at all like the lead singer Pernille is Andrea Corr, but this band really aren’t like The Corrs at all. I would place them somewhere between Kylie and the Subways which basically means I can’t describe them. The song is very lovely, as is her singing voice, and a visit to their web site reveals that they have lots of good music on offer – these guys are definitely ones to watch.

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