Get a pen and paper, right down their name…

Everyone must go and vote for Cleopatra on Hit Me Baby now cos they were sooooooo ACE! They sang Cleopatra’s Theme and for their cover did one of the very best pop songs of the last few years, GA’s No Good Advice! They all looked fabulous (even Yonah!!) and sounded even better. They managed to make No Good Advice sound quite possibly even better than the Aloud and Cleopatra’s Them didn’t even seem cheesy. They had so much stage presence, star quality, personality and just worked perfectly as a group – they have to win so they can get a new record deal and bring back the era of pop stars who deserve to be called ‘pop stars’, because they really do it so much better. They’re more fun the Sugababes, a million times better singers than Atomic Kitten and apart from GA who else is there in the girl band pool? Cookie?

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