Video Killed The Radio Star

Noise Next Door – She Might
This is the boys who ruin Henley-on-Thames’ nice reputation’s first single on a major label (Warner Bros) and also marks the ditching of their bright red hair colour. Obviously it is irredeemably terrible, although perhaps a little more bearable than Calendar Girl and Lock Up Ya Daughters. They are, according to The Box’s voice-over man, aiming for a Good Charlotte look and sound, although I can’t hear anything more than a very dull copy of Busted’s worst single (Sleeping With The Light On). They’re all totally ugly, tuneless and pitifully uncool – how can they possibly succeed? They just better not.
0% Poptastic!

Ben Adams – Sorry
There is something about Ben that seems much older and more mature now. Not just cos he is older but also his facial expressions and mannerisms have changed so much. He appears to have much more self-control and a new-found serious side, and as much as I want fun pop stars, he was pretty annoying in the old days and now he seems quite charming. Anyway, the song and the video are what I am reviewing and I have to say, as much as I like both, it’s not enough to change the world. He could probably just about manage a top 10 hit thanks to all the record company support he’s getting and his new improved buffness, but I don’t think this song is quite enough to get the success he could possibly have with a more original-sounding and generally better debut single.
86% Poptastic!

Timo Maas – The First Day
I thought Timo Maas was a ‘proper’ DJ doing the kind of dance music only dull 20 year old boys (and older men in a mid-life crisis) listen to, and I think he usually is, but this new one is really good! The buff hottie in the video helps quite a lot. Otherwise it’s kind of repetitive but the bit they’re repeating is ace so I don’t mind. I thought the singer sounded a bit like Mr Placebo and it turns out he has worked with Timo on his new album so I guess this must be it – well spotted, me! It also features an unknown girl singer called Jo Kate.
75% poptastic!

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