Future Stars: The Griswolds (Wind-Up Records)

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The Griswolds are an Australian indie-pop band who quickly reached a worldwide audience by posting their music online. Their first track Mississippi became a blog hit shortly after they formed in 2012, and soon they had a deal with US label Wind-Up Records. They released a reasonably popular EP last year, but I think new single Beware The Dog is one of the best indie songs of 2014 so far. It sounds like a mix of Vampire Weekend and The Vamps (so very Vampy all round!). The lead single from their forthcoming debut album, it was produced by Tony Hoffer (Belle & Sebastian, Phoenix etc), and I think it could be their chance to cross over from the blogs to the charts. The Griswolds are currently touring the US, and played at this weekend's Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee.


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