Future Stars: Robin Schulz (Warner Music)

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Mr Probz may be the name most associated with the hit song Waves, but I think only Robin Schulz, the German DJ behind the remix that was a UK no.1, has a chance of becoming a chart fixture. Listen to a few of Robin’s productions and you can hear his very current yet distinctive sound. Prayer in C, his collaboration with French indie-pop duo Lilly Wood & The Prick sounds like a big hit in waiting, and it’s already storming up the Shazam worldwide chart. Just like with Waves, Robin has taken a simple, melancholy song (originally a 2010 album track) with emotive vocals and transformed it into his summery take on the “dancing with tears in my eyes” mini-genre. The depressing lyrics are perfectly juxtaposed with a video of holiday debauchery. The trick might get boring after a while, but for now it’s working a treat.


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