Song of the Week: Rae Morris ft. Fryars – Cold

Taken from this week’s Future Pop mailer. Click here to subscribe.

Rae Morris is an artist I’ve had on my list to potentially feature here since the early days of Future Pop, but I’ve never felt she’s been ready for her crossover moment. She has an interesting, distinct look and sound, but I couldn’t get into any of her songs… until now. She has collaborated with Fryars (who worked on Lily Allen’s new album and made the great, Patrick Wolf-ish tune The Ides back in 2007) on new single Cold, which is a sweet and stylish electro number. It’s much poppier than her previous work, and although it doesn’t sound like a chart hit, it’s charming and unique. The new direction suits her well, so I hope she will find an audience for this sound and pursue it further. And it proves more pop stars need to work with Fryars.


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