Tennis: Better than football

Last night I went to see one of my favourite new (or new to me, at least) bands live, an American indie-pop group called Tennis. Good things about Tennis: They have some brilliant songs, particularly Origins, Is It True and Deep In The Woods. Listen to them on Spotify here. Their brilliant songs sound brilliant… Continue reading Tennis: Better than football

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Free Mixtape: Now That’s What I Call Poptastic! Vol. 1

Giving away free MP3s is a brilliant way for artists to get their music onto the iPods of potential fans. These days it’s not just a random remix or album filler track but some of the best songs of the year that you can legally download for free. I’ve compiled ten of the best tracks… Continue reading Free Mixtape: Now That’s What I Call Poptastic! Vol. 1

My Songs of the Week

Here are my songs of the day from this week, originally posted on Tumblr. We Were Evergreen – Penguins & Moonboots Ash Koley – Apple of My Eye DJ Fresh ft. RitaOra – Hot Right Now Talay Riley – Fairytale Ariana Grande – Put Your Hearts Up Ashley Tisdale – How Do You Love Someone… Continue reading My Songs of the Week