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I don’t mean to neglect you, but life is still a bit crazy at the moment. I have been at uni for a week and a half now so it is getting to be more normal and I hopefully will have more to write about soon. Without music channels or much Internet time it is hard to keep up with the latest pop stuff. As for Single Wars, I half managed last week’s, so here is what Carrie and I wrote about the Pipettes and September respectively…

First is Carrie, who previously appeared as a Muse fan and has now cleverly changed her allegiance to the wonderful Pipettes:

“This week is so much a walkover it’s almost unfair, but it is my very happy duty to draw your attention to the work of genius that is the Pipettes’ new single, Judy.

It’s a cliche to hand any group the mantle of “saviours of pop”, but these girls are a welcome breath of fresh air to a stultifying music scene, bringing Sixties-style close harmonies and fashion back to the charts with a very 21st-century edge. Their spiritual godmothers – the Supremes, the Shangri-Las, the Shirelles, the Ronettes, the Crystals and the Chiffons, and the rest – will be delighted at this latest slice of perfect pop, which defies any right-hearing listener not to love it instantly.

If you’ve not got the album, get this single. If you’ve already got the album, get this single too, just to emphasise how fantastic the Pipettes are – and how much we love them.”

This week my support goes to super Swede September and her pleasingly alliterative single Satellites, which may or may not be released this week but I have to write about it some time:

When an artist says their favourite musicians are Kylie, Annie and Britney, you know they’re going to be pretty amazing and September does not disappoint! I’ve been playing this song for a long time now (and when I first heard it I had to play it on repeat for hours, I was so in love) but it’s managed to continue sounding as brilliant as it did on that first listen. She has an album full of fantastic pop songs but still this is the best.

Sadly there is no sign of this in either my local HMV or Virgin Megastore, so it seems rather unlikely that September will be even entering the UK chart, but this is no reason why it should not be our single of the week or why you should not bother to buy it off the Internet to fund her future Sweden-only masterpieces.

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