Slightly random Gavin DeGraw news

Despite the fact that he released it in America and most of Europe over a year ago and everyone (possibly even Gavin himself) thought it was going to be We Belong Together, he has announced that Chariot will be his next single. I like the song but I really don’t think this is gonna be the one that rights the wrong that is his being ignored in favour of Daniel Powter, who was launched at a similar time with kind of similar but much, much worse music. The only thing Daniel does better than Gavin, apart from annoying people, is wearing hats. Anyway, back to Gavin – he’s re-releasing the Chariot album (for the 2nd time, I think) in May and will also be playing V2006, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up about him appearing on the telly or anything. If you still haven’t got the CD, you should buy it, if only to prevent him from having to re-release it any more times!

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