Usually delays are not something to be celebrated

but when you’re refering to the band, the Delays, they definitely are. Their last 2 singles, Valentine and Lost In A Melody, have been absolutely magnificent and the new one, Hideaway, is just as ace and although it’s less electro it’s about as jolly as a song could possibly get – and to think it comes from a band that are far more NME than Smash Hits, it’s even more of a miracle! The video for it (here) is not quite as ace as the insane one they made for Valentine, but it’s quite fun nonetheless. It’s ridiculous that they’ve not had any top 10 hits while bands like Arctic Monkeys and Embrace have had no.1s, but hopefully with Hideaway their fortunes will improve because it is screaming out to be a commercial indie/pop crossover hit.

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