New Pop On The Block

Orson – Bright Idea
I really don’t get Orson. Their sound is kind of like Maroon 5 meets the Killers, 2 bands that I like, yet I really don’t like their songs. I thought it might just be No Tomorrow, but their new song is even worse. They’re like the Daniel Powter of bands – they sound like bands I like but somehow manage to be totally rubbish (and the lead singer wears a hat), although with Orson they don’t annoy me so much as completely bore me. I just don’t get it! If you want to like a new pop/rock band you’ve got plenty of choice, so why not go for Lorraine, Protocol or the Feeling instead of this mediocre bunch?
45% Poptastic!

Sandi Thom – I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker
This song has been floating around the new release schedule for a while and I heard it several months ago but it has finally made its way onto the music channels. Sandi is a dark-haired reasonably pretty girl probably in her early 20s, yet for some reason she wants to be like her parents. This is not normal! It’s a classic case of people who are getting on a bit making out that things were better in their day to stop themselves feeling so bad about not understanding the new fashions, and silly Sandi has totally fallen for it. Punk rockers didn’t even wear flowers in their hair, that was hippies you idiot!
10% Poptastic!

Dannii Minogue – Under Pressure
This is not turning out to be a very positive post because I am really disappointed in this new single by Miss Minogue Jnr. I loved I Can’t Sleep At Night, the song that she was previously planning to release next, but then she changed her mind and went with this and I have to say I don’t think it was a good move – where is the hook? You can’t have dance-pop music without a hook, or else it’s just dance music and everyone knows that is rubbish. Kylie better hurry back and rectify this or the Minogue name will be ruined!
50% Poptastic!

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