Future Stars: Sabrina Claudio (Atlantic/APG)

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Sabrina Claudio is a 21-year-old singer from Miami who could be a great pop star, though she’s a little busy being cool at the moment. She began posting YouTube covers while at school, and moved to LA in 2013 to pursue music. Developed by RedOne’s 2101 Records, she started out with a youthful and poppy sound. In 2014 she started a new channel, which is now branded with the Warner Music ‘W’ logo, so I assume that’s when Atlantic/APG signed her… though still to this day she hasn’t announced it. Even her brand new mixtape About Time is credited to SC Entertainment, as though it was self-released. This year she’s become known for the singles Unravel Me and Belong To You. Both were produced by Stint, who’s worked with pop girls like Zara, Demi and Carly, but sadly the results are not poptastic. Her sound is slick and sultry, but I could barely pay attention through a whole song. Nonetheless, millions of people have listened to them on Spotify and YouTube, and her talent and beauty will undoubtedly unsure we’ll hear much more of her in the future.

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