Future Stars: Petite Meller (Night Beach)

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Thanks to the trend for anonymity and mystery, the indie-pop world seems to be lacking in fun, quirky characters these days. Luckily, we can always depend on the French for a dose of stylish eccentricity. Petite Meller is a pretty blonde model/philosophy student making girly electro-pop with an on-trend sax infusion. The videos to her songs, including her most well-known single Backpack, are what really makes an impact – a surreal mix of sweet and dark. Petite Meller is a bit too cool and weird to be positioned alongside the big quirky-pop female stars of our time (Lana, Lorde etc.) but expect all the indie boys you know to be fawning over her, regardless of the quality of her future work. Her music so far has been released by British indie label Night Beach (also home to Whinnie Williams and Salt Ashes), but rumours suggest she’s just signed to Island.


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