It’s Like An Alistair And James Photo Story!

Except even more Bizarre.

Well I think it is a good thing because this means they must live in a hugely posh place to have such snooty neighbours. Also it has given me an idea to get my neighbours back for shouting every morning at God knows what hour when they go off to their stupid private school, so next time I see their binbags out I will check if it is a collection day and if not I’m gonna be rich! Another good point is that they must have been having a lot of fun to be annoying the neighbours so much, seeing as they are usually such lovely, well mannered boys. Maybe Peter came to visit! Ok that’s not a good thing is it? BUT I can balance it out with another positive: Victoria The Newt has so far this week reminded us (and the whole nation in fact) twice how well Alistair is doing in the charts. What a great day it is for Alistair and I! I feel all FA-y again now. It is quite a nice feeling despite it being very wrong and I must stop it before I get sad about there never being another one. Boohoo!

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