Melodifestivalen Round 2

Ola – Love In Stereo
I’m a big Ola fan, and this isn’t as good as Natalie or SOS, but I still like it a lot and am supporting him tonight for definite. Proper pop music as it should be made.

Lasse Lindh – Du Behöver Aldrig Mer
The Ark’s triumph last year has persuaded a few cooler acts to have a go at Melodifestivalen, including this soft-singing indie boy. It’s a nice song but his fans aren’t the sort who’ll vote in this contest.

The Nicole – Razborka
She is some kind of Russian-French-Swede, but takes the culture of her first nationality for an attempt to win over the Eastern Block. It’s a catchy song, the one that’s stuck in my head, but I don’t know if the Swedes can put tactics over loyalty and pick an unknown star.

Alexander Schöld – Den Första Svalan
Kind of like a serious, older version of Jimmy Jansson, presumably of German origin. Pretty boring, though.

Rongedal – Just A Minute
A jolly old(ish) man group singing very high-pitched, quite like Mika. There are 2 lead singers, both bald and dressed alike, probably twins. It’s all a bit Right Said Fred but I do rather like the song. 8/10

Sanna Nielsen – Empty Room
A MF mainstay is back with a song in English, a Celine Dion-esque ballad with reminders of Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s nice and well-sung, but not of much interest to me, still a good bet for the final. 7/10

Andra Generationen – Kebabpizza Slivovitza
A group of ageing 2nd generation immigrants from Serbia (2007’s winning country) sing in Swedish about fast food – a rather strange idea and I’d like to say against the odds that it works… but I can’t. It’s awful. 2/10

Johnsson & Häggkvist (aka Androla) – One Love
Pretty good (in an anthemic way) but a bit calculated, which isn’t always a recipe for success in Eurovision itself. Sure to win MF though, unless people vote against them in rebellion. A very strong underdog will be needed. 8.5/10

My predictions for the final: Androla & Sanna.

The results: Sanna is through first. Ola’s into Andra Chansen, along with OHMYGOD ANDROLA????? Through to the final is instead Rongedal!!! How bizarre, I’m in complete shock!!! Now the whole contest is thrown open. Maybe BWO (who are in next week’s contest) will have a chance after all! This is very exciting.

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