New Pop On The Block

Asia Cruise – Selfish (Video)
No relation to Tom as far as I know, this young lady is the latest r’n’b-poppet from the USA. The video is set in a high school, so I automatically thought of Jojo, and I suppose if you cross Jojo with Cassie you can pretty much imagine this song. It’s cute and catchy, very sweet and girly. It’s not addictive like Umbrella or Gotta Work, but it’s perfectly enjoyable. The only thing I dislike is the breakdown at the end, it doesn’t really fit and seems a bit unnecessary, although as it says ‘to be continued’ I guess it might be part of her next single. In which case, her next single isn’t going to be very good!
77% Poptastic!

Ferras – Hollywood’s Not America (Audio)
This track has been used very prominently in the last two episodes of American Idol, fittingly since they have been sending a lot of people home from the Hollywood bootcamp rounds. It’s a nice song, halfway between a typical Idol-y ballad and a souly-cntemporary-pop-rock type of thing, neither of which sound terribly promising on their own, but obviously it’s a great recipe for success, and being on American Idol makes that even more certain. I just think it’s a nice melody, nice lyrics, very cheesy but when did that put me off before?
80% Poptastic!

Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown – No Air (Video)
There was a poll on Jordin’s website to decide her new single, but it seems no surprise that this track was chosen, since it features Chris Brown. It’s also quite an excellent ballad. It doesn’t seem anything special to start with but it really gets in your head, using the eh-eh trick of Umbrella, although this time she’s actually singing “air air”, and sounding more like “aya-aya”. I’m not convinced this is really how Jordin says “air”, but I’ll let her off in the name of great song-making. With the help of Chris, this could bring jolly young Jordin to a whole new range of fans, not just those who loved her on American Idol.
92% Poptastic!

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