Belated Melodifestivalen Thoughts (Round 1)

Ironically I missed the first round of Melodifestivalen because I was in Sweden! I am however pretty excited about being able to watch the second show live tonight, as for the first time I’ll be able to understand most of the introductions and interviews, and most importantly the results! Here are my thoughts on the first round, from last week, which I’ve just watched the performances from on YouTube.

E-Type & The Poodles – Line Of Fire
I love E-Type but hate The Poodles, so I was naturally rather disappointed when this song turned out to be much more Poodly than E-Typey i.e. shouty rock rubbish. What a waste! 3/10

Face-84 – Alla Gamla X
It turns out the 84 in the name is the year they’re going for style-wise. The song is mediocre, but I suppose it isn’t so different to what you get from Eastern European countries. Still, we expect better from Sweden. 5/10

Velvet – Déja Vu
She’s been in Eurovision as a backing singer for Martin Stenmarck, and entered MF before with Mi Amore, but I think this is better. It’s more typical MF-ish than her usual sound, and I’ve already heard it a bit on Rix FM so it should be a chart hit. 7.5/10

Brandur – Lullaby
A sweet-looking boy but a very very boring ballad. It would work as a lullaby, at least. 2/10

Michael Michailoff – That’s Love
We’ve already got one Andreas Johnsson ruining MF (he’s doing a song with Carola this year, basically giving no-one else a hope of winning), do we need another? The song is OK but as I said, unnecessary. 6/10

Amy Diamond – Thank You
One of Sweden’s best popstars makes her MF debut, and of course it’s great. A bit different to her other songs, and maybe not quite Stay My Baby, but it has some ABBA-ish sounds so I’m content. 9/10

Suzzie Tapper – Visst finns mirakel
Borind old lady ballad. Next. 2/10

Christer Sjogren – I Love Europe
Very cheesy, quite terrible really and not very funny. This is not the standard we expect from our revered musical Swedes! 3/10

The results were both a triumph and disaster, as Amy and Christer went through to the final. E-Type/Poodles and Suzzie will appear again in the 2nd chance round. Tonight I’m planning to back Ola, but I also like Rongedal’s jolly tune.

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