Future Stars: Jillette Johnson (Wind-Up Records)

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Despite sounding like a brand of razors, Jillette Johnson is a strong contender to be the next big female singer-songwriter. As a piano player with a quirky yet powerful voice, she places herself in the realm of Sara Bareilles, Vanessa Carlton and Christina Perri, and so even if she achieves a chart hit she will have to work hard to avoid becoming a one hit wonder. Her single Cameron is a message of empowerment to a boy who likes to cross dress, and it's certainly not subtle, but Jillette carries it off thanks to her strong vocals, emotive lyrics and rousing melody. As she's signed to an independent label it may take a while for Jillette's music to cross the Atlantic, but I think the UK will be receptive if she makes it over.



  1. I can’t wait to hear this song live! She’s coming to Minneapolis to play at the Cedar on Tuesday. Yesss.

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