International Video Challenge

Representing Moldova: Crazy Loop – Crazy Loop
This is the new alter-ego of Dan Bălan, ex-member of the Moldovan trio O-Zone (singers of Dragostea Din Tei), and it’s as loopy as it’s title suggests. Just try singing along to the chorus! He’s practically yodelling. With a breakthrough single like theirs, the O-Zone boys have had a lot to live up to in craziness, making their solo careers great fun to follow. Arsenie entered Eurovision with Loca (quite good) and has released a few more singles, such as Love Me Love Me (amazing) and Professional Heartbreakers (bonkers). This is the first of Dan’s solo work I’ve heard, but with a song as strange, and yet strangely addictive, as this, he is doing his reputation proud. Brilliant video too! Watch the ‘making of’ in English here.

Representing Germany: Alex C ft. Y-Ass – You’ve Got The Sweetest Ass In The World (Du Hast Den Schönsten Arsch Der Welt)
I heard this German hit, translated to English, on the radio while I was in Sweden last week, and I could not believe my ears when it reached the chorus. The surprise element of this sweet, jolly song being so directly smutty is just brilliant. I’m sure it’s going to be a worldwide hit. You heard it here first! (Unless you didn’t) Does anyone else think Alex C looks a lot like Miquita from Popworld, by the way?

Representing Spain: David Tavare – Hot Summer Night Oh La La La
It may be snowing outside, but in Poland (which was surely a cold country last time I checked) this is in the top 20 of ace pop station Radio Eska. It’s nothing on Alexia’s Uh La La La but it’s still pretty catchy, although I can’t remember anything else of the song apart from those insistent ‘oh la la la’s. This edition of International Video Challenge seems to have a special theme of nonsensical lyrics, from Crazy Loop’s ‘mm-ma-ma’s to the aptly-named Y-Ass’s ‘da-de-da’s. It seems the influence of O-Zone is still strong throughout Europe, years after no Euro fan could stop singing ‘mai ai hi, mai ai ha, mai ai hoohoo’.

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