DP Top 10: Remixes

I’ve recently become obsessed with the Jason Nevins remix of Jordin Spark’s first single Tattoo (anything to distract me from playing No Air on repeat!) and this has led me to rediscover many more of my all-time favourite remixes.

Now I’ve made a top 10 and uploaded them into my new Dirrrty Pop muxtape for your listening pleasure. I’m sure these are far from the most technically accomplished remixes ever made, but they are, in my opinion, the most enjoyable. I hope you’ll agree and sing and dance along, as was the intention I’m sure of their creators.

Listen here

1. Natasha Bedingfield – The One That Got Away (Valentin Radio Mix)
2. BWO – Conquering America (Johan S Remix)
3. Jordin Sparks – Tattoo (Jason Nevins Radio Edit)
4. Teddybears Sthlm ft. Paola – Yours To Keep (Extended Mix)
5. Joana Zimmer – I Believe (Dance mix)
6. Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s OK (Thunderpuss Mix)
7. Kimberley Locke – 8th World Wonder (APL’s K-Lo Rock Mix)
8. Tina Cousins – Wonderful Life (the one released in Australia, I think)
9. Crush – Jellyhead (Motiv8)
10. Feist – 1234 (VanShe Technologic Remix)

Honourable mentions:
Shout Out Louds – Tonight I Have To Leave It (Kleerup Remix)
Anniq – Skin Deep (not the dull radio version)
Michelle Branch – Everywhere (starring Snoop Dogg, rather strangely!)
Beyoncé & Shakira – Beautiful Liar (Freemasons)
Kaci – I Think I Love You (Almighty Mix)
Mis-Teeq – All I Want (Ignorants Remix)

I think the key to a good remix is that you don’t care much for (or just hardly know) the original, because if it’s a remix of your favourite song you miss your favourite parts of it, and it’s off-putting when it doesn’t sound how you expect it to. There’s also the great feeling of a song you didn’t like suddenly becoming good – now there’s one more good song in the world, instead of just another version of an already good one.

Unfortunately I don’t know the official names of all of the remixes, so let me know if you can fill in any gaps I have. If you know any other great remixes in this vein then please let me know, I’d love to hear some more.

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