I just discovered this performance of one of Jens Lekman’s b-sides, and the subject is one I’m rather familiar with: NRJ Radio! It’s a station in Sweden which plays pop, r’n’b and dance music, very much aimed at teenagers. It’s mainly American music which they play, but you can often hear the latest Swedish hits too, so it’s worth a listen when Rix FM is playing a Westlife song (unless it’s Something Right, in which case stay tuned cos that song is super-ace!). Jens’ song is not entirely complimentary to NRJ, but nostalgic, and it’s sweet to think of him aged 14. You’ll probably enjoy this more if you know about NRJ and are already a Jens fan – otherwise I recommend his more poptastic tunes, such as You Are The Light or Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo.

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