If she was called Purple I’d like her more!

As is well documented, I’m very much not a fan of Pink, but I must say her new single, So What, is an excellent comeback. It’s not just a copy of a recent hit with an extra something, but a whole new song as far as current pop styles go. Of course So What would be much better if Pink had a more likeable personality, although her idiocy doesn’t shine through quite as excruciatingly as in Stupid Girls, which was definitely her lowest point. Hopefully there’ll be more versions of this on the way with more appealing singers, and meanwhile I’m just going to have to be optimistic and hope that the emergence of Katy Perry might lead Pink to take on a new pop persona. If we have to put up with Katy and Pink both being an embarrassment to feminist-kind at the same time, I can’t be held responsible for my actions!

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