I’m a musical detective genius!

The other day I reviewed David Archuleta’s new song, Crush, and said that what it most reminds me of was the What’s Left of Me album by Nick Lachey. Well, it turns out that the writer of Crush is none other than Emanuel Kiriakou, best known for… writing What’s Left of Me! That album was so underrated, and unexpected in its good quality, so I hope David will have more songs from Emanuel on his album.

I’m really getting to love Crush at the moment, because listening to the lyrics I can see how it’s perfect for David. It’s the latest song to be clearly inspired by Irreplaceable and With You, but instead of Beyoncé’s fun and feisty lyrical content, in Crush we have an innocent, unassuming protagonist, hopeful that the object of his affection is also too shy to admit her crush, exactly fitting the persona shown by David on American Idol. I was concerned that his sweetness would be turned sickly by bad management, losing his younger fans, but so far they’re doing a great job. I’m excited to hear more, although I know from the experience of Leona Lewis that a good lead single doesn’t mean it won’t be an album of crap ballads.

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