The Xtremely Crap Factor

In my excitement about the new series of X Factor ft. Cheryl, which starts next Saturday, I decided to look up some of the foreign X Factor contestants. I already knew about Martin from Denmark of course, but I didn’t even know there was a Czech version of the show… and it seems Cowell and co have kept quiet about it for a reason. If this guy was the winner, what on earth were the runners up like?


It’s like when you go to karaoke and some drunken bloke takes to the stage to ‘rock out’, stealing the entire audience’s will to live in the process. If this is what passes for music in the Czech Republic, I suggest that all crap British acts head over there asap – their music will sound amazing in comparison!

Edit: Worryingly, on my second listen, I’m starting to get into it, mostly due to noticing that he sings like a pirate! “It could just be ARRRRSSSS!!!”

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