I Should Be So Lucky, Lucky Lucky Lucky!

And why am I lucky, I hear you ask? Well I am going to see this man in just 3 days.

That’s right, it’s Darren Hayes! I am going to the Birmingham PITP to see him as well as all kinds of other aceness including GA, Rachel S, V, Mania, Shaznay, the Calling, McFly, Nelly F, Javine, Sugababes and to laugh and perhaps sob at the disasters of Bellefire, Peter Andre and…(wait for it)…Jenny Frost! It will be a great day anyway. And perhaps I’ll be able to convert the Usher loving one away from her evil ways (thanks for the ideas Chris and Scottie, I’ll try them soon) with some quality pop.


Also worthy of excitement is Mr PJ‘s write up of the DH album. I couldn’t be more excited and it’s still a month away!

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