Video Killed The Radio Star

In Wills out of 5, cos he has a new single out now!

The Rasmus – Guilty

This is a different single to the 2nd and 3rd releases from Dead Letters in Europe so I hadn’t heard it before today. It’s not as fun or catchy as In The Shadows but I still rather like it and think it will grow on me. It really reminds me of the fantastic Lambretta single Kill Me – the way he sings “guiiiiltyyy” sounds just like Linda singing “kiiiill meee” in that song. I’m pleased that the Rasmus have made it over here as I always knew that if they released In The Shadows it would undoubtedly be massive, but when it was almost a year after I’d heard of them and still no sign of them in the UK I thought they weren’t coming so it’s great that they did.

Cherie – Number 1

Cherie and this song remind me of old-style Beverly Knight and it has a dance break Janet Jackson would be proud of, plus some fun squeaky sound effects. She’s got a good voice, it’s a good song and although it’s a bit too r’n’b for me I still quite like it. I don’t think it will be a massive hit but could easily go top 10 and almost certainly top 20.

Anastacia – Sick And Tired

There was something about Left Outside Alone that meant, despite it obviously being a good song, I was still a bit unsure, so I much prefer this one. I think what I like about it is that the song isn’t just about her singing, but it’s actually a really nice song too. I like the bhangra-esque “ya-di-la-da” bits too.

Natasha Bedingfield – These Words

I didn’t think much of this song on first listen because I think it sounds a bit messy. I can hear a good tune, it just doesn’t seem to fit very well, however it’s really catchy and I can’t stop singing it and it sounds much better with the video. Natasha looks very pretty in the video, which has lots of funny bits in it, although there is one rather odd outfit. It’s also nice to hear her not shouting as much. Her brother should be scared!

Kimberley Locke – 8th World Wonder

It’s several months since I first heard this song and I’m pleased that it’s getting released cos I think it has potential to be quite big with fans of the Corrs, Anastacia etc. as it will sound perfect on the radio because it’s nice and fun without being intrusive. Look out for the far superior Euro pop remix. Kim looks really great in the video although I don’t remember her singing so high on American Idol! In fact she is the first AI2 contestant to release in the UK, although Ruben and Clay’s debuts were available on import and Ruben’s Sorry 2004 has received some video play on MTV Base. I hope this does well so Ruben or Fantasia might get a chance here too, but please keep Clay and Diana well away!

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