Hooray for Robyn part 85799

It occured to me on my way to work this morning that just by having a no.1 hit, Robyn is already the biggest Swedish star in Britain for years. The only other Swedish no.1 of the 00s is Eric Prydz (2004), and while it’s probably unlikely that WEH will sell as much as Call On Me, it is very unlikely that she will just be a one hit wonder. The last Swedish act to have a UK no.1 before Eric was Rednex in 1995! The one before that was Ace Of Base in 1993 – at last an act who wasn’t a one hit wonder. So, Robyn is almost sure to be the biggest Swedish pop act since Ace of Base, the biggest in 14 years!! The only other big Swedish band within those years that I can think of is The Cardigans – am I missing anyone?

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