New Girlpop On The Block

The boys have had their turn, now let the girls shows us what they’re made of…

Sahara Hotnights – Visit To Vienna (Video)
I loved Cheek To Cheek so I’m a bit disappointed that this isn’t as catchy and poppy as that. It’s more like the rockier style of SH’s earlier work, although it’s still one of their best singles (perhaps their second best, but I did like No Big Deal). There just aren’t that many great ones to compare it to, and now we know they’re capable of brilliance like Cheek To Cheek, we expect it all of the time. They are a cool band, though, and I would like to hear the whole of their new album to see if there are any other gems in there. I’m not sure quite what’s happening in the video but it looks like they’re standing on a train going backwards – perhaps attempting to take the With Every Heartbeat concept to a new level!
71% Poptastic!

Girls Aloud – Sexy! No, No, No… (Video)
I hope I got all the punctuation right there. This is a great song for the fans, but I’m not sure if it’ll follow Love Machine, Biology etc. into wider popularity. It is a bit fast to dance to, as well, but it’s fun and I’m definitely liking the video. It’s a bit less of a shoestring budget than usual and reminds me of loads of great female pop videos of the 00s – Fighter, Sweet Dreams (My LA Ex), Just A Little and Nothing Really Matters to name but a few. It’s literally unheard of in recent years for a female group to remain successful for as long as they have without losing any of their original members – it’s a great achievement and GA are undoubtedly one of the best assets of modern pop music, not just in Britain but worldwide.
95% Poptastic!

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